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Kenny Schachter "Larry Joke" (Fine Art Edition)

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Kenny Schachter "Larry Joke" (Fine Art Edition)
2 Dry Hit Screen Printed Gloss Enamel Black on Somerset Satin Tub Sized 410gsm Paper.
Size: 60 x 130 cm
Edition of 50
Signed and numbered verso by the artist.

SIZE: 60 X 130 cm
Words from the publisher Kenny captures the world as an aphorism, making sharp observations, pure brilliance at hand. An important artist provoking conversation and asking questions. The “Larry Joke” epitomises the art world, highlighting the ruthlessness and uncompromising nature. No mercy, no compassion. Classic Schachter humour, albeit surpassed by a deeper meaning if you want to go there. A record of social history and where we stand today. This print release coincides with the artist's Los Angeles solo show “I Object!” at the Pacific Design Centre, Feb 13th - Apr 6th, 2024.

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