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Maya Hayuk, born 1969 in Baltimore, is an internationally exhibited American artist living and working in Brooklyn. She is perhaps best known for the bold geometric patterns she employs in large scale murals.

With their symmetrical compositions, intricate patterns, and lush colors, Maya Hayuk’s paintings and massively scaled murals recall views of outer space, traditional Ukrainian crafts, airbrushed manicures, and mandalas. Hayuk weaves visual information from her immediate surroundings into her elaborate abstractions, creating an engaging mix of referents from popular culture and advanced painting practices alike while connecting to the ongoing pursuit of psychedelic experience in visual form. She has painted her iconic outdoor murals all over the world and, when not traveling, maintains an active studio in Brooklyn, sketching in paint to inform the large-scale works. She sees her studio painting practice and mural making as both inversely relational and symbiotic.

Hayuk has curated numerous exhibitions, is a member of the Barnstormers collective, the Cinders Art Collective and she frequently collaborated with other artists and musicians. She's created album covers, videos, stage sets, photographs and posters for Rye Rye/M.I.A, The Akron Family, The Flaming Lips, Devendra Banhardt, Seun Kuti, Prefuse 73, Awesome Color, Oakley Hall, Home, Animal Collective, Dan Deacon, Bonnie Prince Billy and The Beastie Boys, amongst others.