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The savvy secrets of importing Art into the USA

What import duty will I have to pay? Is a question we get asked frequently by our American art collectors.

Import Duty: America

Taxpayers living in Alaska, Oregon, New Hampshire, Montana and Delaware don't have to pay a single dollar, however, the unlucky art connoisseurs living in New York City must pay 8.875% combined sales tax, closely followed by residents of California paying 7.25%.

Combined sales tax explained

Each state has a state tax plus a local rate and in some case special rate on top.

For example: art imported into New York City will be charged a combined City tax of (4.5%) and State tax of (4%) plus a special rate / Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District surcharge (0.375%) totalling 8.875%.

* Figures are correct at the time of publication. We accept no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of any information published or in any way interpreted and used by a reader. Please check the combined sales tax rate for your state with your local customs office. The details stated are only offered as a rough guide.

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